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Permanent Makeup & More
by Kim Montero

Which brow is right you for you?

There is a new craze for the ever sought-after microbladed eyebrows, but it may not be a good candidate for your skin type. For mature skin, oily skin, or enlarged pores you would be better suited for powder brows, nano brows, or a combination of both.

Powder brows look more solid and filled in, similar to a soft powder makeup effect. Nearly every skin type is a good candidate for powder brows.


However, if you want the hairstroke effect similar to the aesthetic microblading has to offer, nano brows may be your best fit. This is done using a rotary pen machine for each individual hairstrokes.


Some other factors you may consider are do you want your brows to look more natural or glam? Do you plan to still need to add make-up for an evening out, or would you like a one-and-done look? Please contact us today to schedule a complimentary consultation.


Lip blushing is a popular service that is provided. This can enhance and balance the shape of the lips. Lip blushing is not used to "overdraw" the lips to look bigger, unlike real lipstick. This is because the skin of the lips is different than the skin on the face, and therefore they heal different in both color and texture (imagine a kool-aid or fruit punch mustache). However, for those with very little natural color in their lips, adding pigment can make the lips look more noticeable, and certainly more flattering. Lip blushing heals very natural, about 50% softer and lighter than when they are just freshly finished.

A wide variety of eyeliner can be selected for permanent makeup, whether you like a more bold look with a cute wing, or just a simple lashline enhancement.


Eyeliner can be done on both upper and lower eyelids, or just one or the other. The choice is all yours depending on your beauty preferences and lifestyle.

A full list of services includes:

My Services

Ashley Williams

"Love love loooove how my eyebrows turned out!! Would and have recommended this girl many many times and will continue to. She's the best! I cant wait to get my eyeliner done too!!!"

Kelly Albers

"This was the best thing I've done for myself ladies! 100% worth it. 
Kim was very professional and I was completely comfortable through the procedure."

Meet Kim


Hi, I'm Kim

I am passionate about helping people look and feel their absolute best! My vision is to ensure this is done with excellent service, competitive  pricing, and overall customer satisfaction. Being able to provide a personalized experience for each client is what I really take pride in.


I took 300+ hours of hands on training right here in Tulsa as required by the Oklahoma State Department of Health, as well as continued education through training programs offered by Girlz Ink, Scalpa, and Lauren Taylor. All my procedures are performed in a medical office under a supervising physician, as per Oklahoma state law.


I promise to strive in assisting you with my knowledge and skill while making the best decision to suit your lifestyle and beauty needs. I look forward to meeting YOU!

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