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How To Prepare For Your Permanent Makeup Appointment

Pre-care is just as important in ensuring best possible results from your investment as post-care. Follow these steps to help prep our canvas (your beautiful face!) for the permanent cosmetic procedure.

  • Be well hydrated.

  • Discontinue use of all retinol, peels, and other chemical exfoliants on the treatment area.

  • Make sure you are not taking antibiotics or have any active infections.

  • Ensure there is no eczema, sunburn or other irritation on the area.

Lip Blushing

If you have EVER had a cold sore, request from your doctor an antiviral (such as acyclovir) to start taking 3 days before and 2 days after you procedure.

lip blushing pre-appointment instructions

Exfoliate with a lip scrub (a sugar/honey mixture works great) the night before and morning of procedure.

Keep lips hydrated and well moisturized. Using a lip mask the night before the procedure is recommended.


permanent eyeliner pre-appointment instructions

Discontinue use of lash serums at least 2-4 weeks (longer is better!) before your appointment.

Please remove all mascara and contact lenses PRIOR to your appointment.

Have all lash extensions and false lashes removed prior to your appointment.


Avoid removing and/or tinting natural brow hairs at least 1 week prior to appointment.

Discontinue use of brow hair growth serums at least 2-4 weeks (longer is better!) before your appointment.

Permanent eyebrows pre-appointment instructions

Have other questions about your upcoming appointment? Contact Kim.

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