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Permanent eyeliner tattoo

Permanent Eyeliner

Wake up beautiful with permanent eyeliner. This is done with a pen style tattoo machine. Many styles of eyeliner can be accomplished, depending on your preference. You may prefer a thick liner with a wing, or possibly just a thin liner. A thin liner can frame and enhance your eyes without looking too dressed up and "fixed". Once healed, regular eyeliner can be applied over top when needed to look more bold. 

Also available is a lash enhancement. This technique is good for both women AND men, meant to be very natural but just enough to give your lash line more depth. This can enhance the overall appearance of the face without looking like makeup at all.

Both eyeliner and lash enhancements cost $600 for upper and lower lids. Upper lid only is $400, and lower lid only is $300. This cost covers both your initial session as well as your complimentary 6 week touch-up session and aftercare kit.


Eyeliner will last 3+ years before needing a re-touch.

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