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Permanent Jewelry

Tulsa oklahoma permanent bracelet jewelry gold

Permanent jewelry is clasp-less jewelry that is welded together by a quick, painless spark. Although it is called “permanent” you can remove it with jewelry snips whenever you want. Additionally, you can opt to add a clasp for a removable, yet still custom fit and personalized piece.

Permanent Jewelry is custom fit and personalized to your style. Choose from a variety of link options and metal types— we offer stainless steel, gold-filled, and 14K gold. Create a custom stack of bracelets, anklets, or necklaces. Prices start at just $10 per inch and vary by metal choice.

Although many people get permanent jewelry solo, even more make it into a bonding experience! Friendship bracelets, mother-daughter charms, couples’ bracelets, you name it!

Make an appointment to visit our office, book a private event, or catch us at one of our pop-up shops around town!

tulsa oklahoma permanent jewelry gold bracelet welded
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