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Frequently Asked Questions

What is pmu

What is permanent makeup?

Permanent makeup, also known as micropigmentation, is a process of placing pigment into the skin (eyebrows, lash line, lips) using a single needle or grouping of needles to achieve the desired aesthetic result. The pigment is placed into the reticular layer of the dermis. This can be done using a tool such as a microblade or a manual hand tool, or by machine using a rotary pen.

does it hurt

Does it hurt?

This can depend on several different factors including the location of the procedure being performed, pain tolerance, the way your body metabolizes the anesthetic, and even whether or not you are having your menstrual cycle. Some clients may feel some discomfort, particularly during the early part of the procedure before the skin has been opened very much. Others may not feel any discomfort at all. The anesthetic used will ensure you feel little pain, if any. Some clients have even fallen asleep, however, each individual's experience will vary.

how much $

How much does it cost?

The following prices are for new procedures and include the initial session, as well as a complimentary touchup session 6 weeks later. **Touch-up sessions MUST be completed within 10 weeks of initial session or it is subject to an additional charge.**

Powder Brows: $600

Combo Brows: $650

Eyeliner upper and lower: $600

              upper only: $400

              lower only: $300

Lip Blushing: $600

Lip liner only: $400

Other pricing is as follows--

1-6 month touch-up $100

6-12 month touch-up $200

1-3 years "annual" touch-up $250

(for previous clients only)


Re-touching for services originally done by another artist are accepted on a case by case basis, and prices can vary depending on what type of re-touching needs done.

Permanent makeup removal: Starting at $175

Small tattoo removal: Starting at $50

Payment plans are available through Cherry financing. They do a soft inquiry only, so applying does not affect your credit at all. Click to learn more.

How long take

How long does the procedure take?

On average, most procedures last around 2 to 2.5 hours from start to finish. 6 week touch-up sessions may be slightly shorter.

how long last

How long does permanent makeup last?

Although sometimes called "semi-permanent" you should consider your permanent makeup as a permanent decision. It is essentially a tattoo, and will most likely be there in some way for many years to come, if not forever. However, regular touch-ups are recommended every 12-36 months (depending on the service) to keep it looking fresh.

why touchup

Why will I need touch-ups if it is "permanent"?

Since you will not be removing and reapplying it every day, you can most certainly consider it permanent. However with that being said, it will not stay looking exactly the same forever. This is because of the layer of skin in which it must be placed. The skin renews itself from the inside out. As new cells in the dermis are regenerated and mature, they are pushed up into the epidermis as the older skin cells above them in the outer epidermal layer are sloughed off. If it is placed any deeper, the pigment may last, but it will blur and discolor. If it is placed more superficially, it will not last. Therefore, over the course of 12-36 months, the permanent makeup will softly fade and need to be redone to look its best. This amount of time varies from person to person depending on the rate of skin cell turnover, and by type of skin tissue, e.g. lips retain pigment longer than brows.

healing process

How long is the healing process?

You can expect the first 7-10 days to be the main part of the healing process. During this time, the skin has formed a very light scab over  the area. It must be kept clean and dry and proper aftercare must be followed to obtain desired results. Around days 5-7, the area will begin to be flakey, itchy, and peeling. It is CRUCIAL that the flakey skin is allowed to fall off naturally on its own. After the skin has finished peeling, the rest of the healing takes place over the next 4-5 weeks as the skin regenerates and the pigment takes on its final saturation. A touch-up session must be done no sooner than 6 weeks after the first session before the procedure is considered fully complete. **Touch-up sessions are complimentary only if completed between 6-10 weeks.


Do you use sterilized disposable supplies?

All supplies used comes sterilized and pre-packaged, and is fully disposable after one use. All other equipment (rotary machine) is autoclavable and will be fully covered for every procedure using the appropriate barrier protection products. The pigments and anesthetics used are safe and well known through the permanent makeup industry. Purchases of these products are made from only reputable, trusted shops and suppliers.

hair color

What if I ever change my hair color?

When selecting pigment color, some of the factors taken into effect are your natural brow color, skin tone, and of course client preference. The goal is to give you a color that looks natural on you. By doing this, no matter what color your hair is your brows will always suit you. 

regular makeup

Can I still wear regular makeup?

During the initial healing process, the area must remain clean and free of all cosmetics, creams, serums, and any other skin care products. After this outer layer of skin has been sloughed off, you are free to resume your regular skin care regimen and wear any kind of makeup you would like. However, any products with AHA/BHA, retinol, or peels must not be used on the area. These products cause premature fading to any area of micropigmentation due to their exfoliation properties.

lip fillers

What if I have lip fillers?

Lip blushing can still be done with lip fillers. However, it is recommended to have the fillers placed first, and must be done at least 2 weeks before the micropigmentation. This is to ensure the micropigmentation doesn't appear misshapen after the fillers have altered the size and shape of the lips.

Can permanent makeup be removed, and if so, how?

Yes! Depending on the depth and type of pigment used, it can be removed by laser or saline solution. Saline solution can remove even white or nude pigment that lasers cannot. It is certainly a commitment and a process, but it can be done. It is done very similarly to the way permanent makeup is applied, but instead of inserting pigment into the skin, the special saline solution is inserted instead. Using osmosis, this solution draws the pigment up toward the surface of the skin, which is then removed from the body through the scab that forms afterward, and furthermore by the immune system flushing the treated area over the next several weeks and months. This takes 3+ sessions, depending on the saturation and location of the pigmentation needing removed, and must be done no less than 8 weeks apart, sometimes more. It is not guaranteed therefore should never be relied on completely when making the decision on whether permanent makeup is right for you. However, it can produce incredible results when the situation presents no other alternatives. **Emergency removal can be done with 48 hours of initial procedure**


How many appointments will I need?

For new procedures, most people require 2 sessions. The first session will set the general shape and color. Over the next 6 weeks as the skin heals, small imperfections may appear. This is why a complimentary touch-up session is required. The touch-up session not only allows the permanent makeup to be perfected, but also gives the option to go thicker, wider, or darker than the first session if the client prefers. Although not typical, it is possible that some clients need a 3rd session. There is an additional charge for 3rd sessions. Find a detailed explanation here for why 2 sessions are necessary.

how prepare

How can I prepare for my procedure?

This topic is so important that it gets its own page! Click here to learn about the steps to take before your appointment for best results.

How do I get started?

get started

Contact us for an optional consultation or to book your appointment. *Text or email is preferred since phone calls cannot be answered if a client is currently in the studio for their appointment.* During a consultation we will discuss whether or not you are a good candidate for permanent makeup, and if so, any questions you may have can be answered. If you are interested in brows, we will discuss which type is suitable for your skin and do a quick pre-draw to see what shape would be the best option for your bone structure.

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