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Saline Tattoo Removal

There are a number of reasons saline removal may be necessary before new or touch-up permanent makeup treatments can be performed. Some of these reasons include when the pigment into the wrong color tone such as blue or grey, when the area has become too saturated with pigment, or when the pigment was applied outside the the area that should have been treated, resulting in bad shape.

This method of removal is a non-laser, saline method. This is done by injecting a saline solution into the skin by a tattoo machine, the same way as you would inject pigment. The salt in the solution then works through osmosis to draw the pigment through the tissue and eventually out of the skin.  

saline tattoo removal osmosis

Unlike lasers, saline removal can target all colors of pigments, including yellow and white. The lightening result is achieved initially through the pigment leaving the body in the scab that forms, and furthermore over the next several weeks and months as it is carried out through the body's immune system. Several treatments are required with a minimum of 8-12 weeks in between sessions. The skin needs plenty of time to heal to prevent scarring and allow for full results of the lightening process to take effect. 

These types of appointments are accepted on a strict case by case basis, as laser may sometimes be a better option or the skin may be too fragile to undergo the saline removal process. Prices begin at $175 per treatment. Contact Kim for a free consultation.

**Emergency removal is available within 48 hours of any freshly done permanent makeup services. Additional fee applies.**

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