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nanobladed brows tulsa owasso

Nano Hairstroke Brows

This is a luxury brow style with the hair stroke effect of microblading, but with better retention and suitable for more skin types. Similar to the effect achieved by microblading, nano brows offer a full hair stroke style brow. The hair strokes are done using a pen-like tattoo machine and artfully crafted with strokes designed to blend and compliment your specific brow hair pattern. If there is no brow hair, nano hair strokes can simulate the effect of natural hair as well. The color will be matched to your natural brow hair, or a color will be chosen to compliment your skin tone.

Nano brows cost $600, which covers your initial session, as well as your complimentary 6 week touch-up session. You can expect microblading to last around 12 months before needing a re-touch.

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