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hybrid brows tulsa owasso


Combination "combo" brows (also known as hybrid brows) have the best of both worlds! They feature shading powder makeup effect throughout the brow with added hair strokes in just the bulb area of the brow. These hair strokes are nano strokes, done by machine rather than microblading for better pigment retention and more crisp results.


This type of brow is excellent for individuals with patchy, sparse natural brow hair growth. The shading provides definition and shape to the arch and tail while the hair strokes blend the dark or patchy hair into the shading without making it look too blunt and "tattooed". This type of brow can also be beautiful for clients with little to no brow hair at all.  Also, because the hair strokes are done by machine this type of brow is suitable for most skin types.

Combo brows will last around 12 months before needing a re-touch. The cost for combo brows is $650. This price includes your initial session as well as your complimentary 6 week touch-up and aftercare kit.

combination brows tulsa owasso
Combo Brows tulsa owasso
combo brows nano hair stroke owasso tulsa
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